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November 23rd, 2006 (02:07 am)
current song: Something Corporate - Letters to Noelle

This chair is comfortable, so I shall be brief.
I'm tired. Of more than a few things, but primarily of being awake. It is late, of course. Is it quite odd to read my friendslist on this thing essentially every day, yet never post an entry of my own? Maybe I'm just that bored. Maybe I'm just trying to hold on to the old days. Maybe, well, it's good to follow along the lives of others. Hell, even that sounds odd.

Third-latest post (this being the latest, from when it's posted), is about the start of my Major Project in class. Now, we're finishing up, with the final presentations to peers and industry in a week. Guess it's like they say, time flies when you're spending 9 - 5 weekdays on a Content Management System. They say that, right? Whoever they are. The project itself's gone quite well, all things considered. Being a good little righteous Standards-Fearing Coder, I've gotten quite indigant at our predecessor's code (We're the second group to work on this CMS - It was begun last year, by another group), as it's riddled with nonsensicalities and a distinct lack of doctypes. Things which they professed to be including when they stated in their documentation that they would conform to "The standards at http://www.w3.org". (Which that, in itself, is a pretty broad set of standards. They're going by the HTML standards? XHTML standards? PNG standards, perhaps?). I've also had to write some javascript to handle certain functionality - The whole Web Two-point-Oh thing, of course - which was a definite eye-opener. Been a long time since I'd used that.

There's more I want to write here, but I'll not, for now. Really sleepy, and I'm stumbling over the right words enough as it is. Easier to write it out when I'm not so slow. Plus, I want to force myself to use this more. Might make it seem a little less odd, right?