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July 13th, 2006 (04:01 am)
current song: The Format - Oceans

Man. It seems we require more vespene updates. Or something. keke.

Stuff! In two easy portions.

Class - Starts next week, currently at school anyway. "Week Zero", pre-planning and beginnings of major project for the semester. Tenders have been put in, we SHOULD recieve notice about wether or not we got our requested project tomorrow or friday, something like that. Was going to be by tomorrow for definite, but then the coordinator in charge of allocating projects was a total unorganized ass, and requested more information. Like, a third alternative project, for example. In case we don't get our first, because the other group gets it, and in case we don't get our second, because the... Other imaginary group... That doesn't exist... Gets it? Yeah. I dunno. 9am to 4 pm days in class, and it <i>hasn't even officially started yet</i>. Oh man, it's like awesome to the power of NOTHING.

Home - Fun. Sleep has been prevailent still. Been playing some Oblivion though, and it is awesome. Despite the frequent and random crashes from the patch Bethesda let out. Hoorah.

Man, class came out in a much larger portion than home. Guess it just proves my life is boring. OR I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY AS IT IS FOUR AM GO HOME AND DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN ARE?! D:

I'm... Gonna go sleep now. (Class in five hours~)